Standard Methods: 5210B:  BOD: 5-Day Test

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Official Method Name
5-Day BOD Test
Current Revision
Standard Methods Online
Membrane Electrode or Titration
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Method Source
  Standard Methods
  Standard Methods Online - Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater
Brief Method Summary
The method consists of filling with sample, to overflowing, an airtight bottle of the specified size and incubating it at the specified temperature for 5 d. Dissolved oxygen is measured initially and after incubation, and the BOD is computed from the difference between initial and final DO.
Scope and Application
This method determines the BOD of a water sample.
Applicable Concentration Range
None Provided.
Soluble versus particulate organics, settleable and floatable solids, oxidation of reduced iron and sulfur compounds, or lack of mixing may affect the accuracy and precision of BOD measurements.
Quality Control Requirements
Sample Handling
Check pH of all samples before testing unless previous experience indicates that pH is within acceptable range. Neutralize samples to pH 6.5 to 7.5. Collect samples ahead of chlorination process. If residual chlorine is present, dechlorinate samples and seed the dilution water.
Maximum Holding Time
Analyze sample promptly or cool to near-freezing temperature during storage. Warm chilled samples to 20 +/- 3oC before analysis. Limit holding time to 24 h.
Relative Cost
Less than $50
Sample Preparation Methods